Coming to study at HEPL

Do you want to follow part of your training at HEPL as an Erasmus Incoming student?

HEPL is ready to welcome you!

We offer you:

  • 70 training courses: Bachelors - Masters - Specializations, in 12 fields
  • a semester taught in English in the field of "International Business" (PDF - in English)
  • one year taught in English in the Master in Industrial Engineering Sciences - Biochemistry orientation (PDF - in English)
  • one year taught in English in the Master in Industrial Engineering Sciences - Chemistry orientation (PDF - in English).

The International Relations Office (IRO)

Do not hesitate to contact the International Relations Office (BRI) to obtain all the information that will allow you to prepare for your stay at HEPL.

How to apply ? 

  1. You send your Learning Agreement (study contract) signed by your home institution to your departmental coordinator at the IRO.
  2. The departmental coordinator validates the document and signs it.
  3. You will then receive an invitation letter.
  4. At the end of your Erasmus stay at HEPL, you will receive a transcript of records. The grades will be encoded according to the ECTS grading scale.

International students who wish to register as regular students at HEPL (outside the Erasmus program, etc.) must follow the registration procedure corresponding to their profile.


The Erasmus House is located a stone's throw from Campus 2000 and the Jemeppe bus and train station.

It was inaugurated in 2018 and its last three floors are reserved for Erasmus students coming from abroad and registered at HEPL (Erasmus IN).

This 1,240 m² space has 31 individual rooms with private bathrooms, two equipped kitchens, a refectory, a relaxation room and two terraces, including one with plants.

It also has a PRM room.

ECTS ou European Credit Transfer System

What is ECTS credits?

The programmes are presented in the form of credits, which include not only classroom hours, but also practical learning activities and the students' personal working time. It is agreed that a year of study consists of 60 credits.

The ECTS grading scale of the HEPL

The HEPL conducted a statistical study of all grades obtained in all programs in recent academic years. On the basis of the small intra-EHP disparity observed, the Pedagogical Council decided, with a view to internal and external communication, to adopt a single ECTS rating scale for the entire HEPL.

This scale, revised annually, is repeated on the transcript.

Notes ECTS % d'étudiants admis qui devraient obtenir la note Définition Note Note HEPL pour étudiants Erasmus out
A 10 Excellent 17,1 à 20 18
B 25 Très bien 15,1 à 17 16
C 30 Bien 13,1 à 15 14
D 25 Satisfaisant 11,1 à 13 12
E 10 Passable 10 à 11 11
FX - Insuffisant : un travail supplémentaire est nécessaire pour l'octroi d'un crédit Note < 10/20 8,5
F - Insuffisant : un travail supplémentaire considérable est nécessaire Note < 7/20 5


International Relations Office (M. Lamoureux - P. Bacquelaine)